Wedding Ceremony - 3/22/2022

Just as we have seen the trends change in wedding dresses, we also see the trends changing in overall weddings as the years fly by.
Every year brings new trends in bridal accessories; everything from jewelry, veils, shoes, belts, to gloves tend to come and go.
In 2022, the newest trends we are seeing at the Oklahoma Bridal Show are:
1.Floral Headbands: Bridal headbands have become increasingly popular, and recently, designers have started to include flower designs that match both the dress and veil.
2. Dangling Earrings: In the past, brides were afraid that long dangling earrings were not appropriate for a bridal gown. That's not the case, so don't be afraid to wear diamond-strands that hang down.
3. Pearl Necklaces: We've never understood why brides haven't worn the most classic of all necklaces. That's why we're glad to see that pearls are trending back as an accessory.
4. Belts: This one surprises many people, as few thought a belt would be an appropriate item to wear with a bridal gown, but surprising, the right belt does compliment the gown when worn in a tasteful manner.
5. Embroidered Belts: Many brides are personalizing their veils with embroidery with their wedding date or other important message such as a memorial to a lost family member. It makes their day feel extra special.
6. Sheer Belts: While gloves have never gone completely out of style, many brides are adding a special touch to them by wearing sheer/laced gloves that do not completely hide the hands—especially if they have special nails done up for the big day.
Are you wondering how all of these trends could work well together? The best place to get those ideas are at the Oklahoma Bridal Show. For more ideas on trending accessories or to meet Oklahoma's most trusted wedding experts, click here.