Trending Wedding Colors for February 2022

Colors You'll Love This Month

Wedding Planning - 2/25/2022

Everyone wants to be on trend. Being a thing of the past is never desirable, it's all about what's trending now, especially on your wedding day. When it comes to weddings, having a trendy color scheme is important for many brides. These colors can come into play with the bridesmaids dresses, bouquets, or other parts of the decor. At The Oklahoma Bridal Show, we want every couple to have access to all the best trends for their wedding, especially a colorful one.

Trending Wedding Colors for February 2022:

● Deep Reds and Pinks: February is the month of love. With Valentine's Day spewing out beautiful shades of red and pink, playing into this is a great way to add pops of color into your wedding. Consider doing pale pink bridesmaid dresses with deep red roses in bouquets and table decor.
● Sage Green: Green has been having its moment lately, and we are not upset about it! This color is such an easy one to incorporate into any wedding. If you are going for more of a natural vibe, adding lots of greenery in the plants is a great idea to brighten up the space while adding beautiful decor.
● Earth Tones: Wanting a more neutral vibe for your wedding this February? Well, you're in luck! Earth tones and neutrals are quickly becoming the trendiest colors to be using in a wedding. The key to using these is by picking items with lots of texture to add variety to the palate. The best part about these colors is that they can be used year-round as well.

There are lots of trending colors waiting to be taken advantage of this month, these are just some of our favorites. Make sure to pick colors that match your personal style and fit your vibe the best. Just because a color is trending doesn't mean that you must pick it to be in your wedding. For more wedding tips and tricks, check out our other blog posts here.