3 DIY Projects For Lower Budgets

Sticking to Tight Budgets

Wedding Planning - 2/10/2022

Let's face it. As wonderful and special as weddings are, they can be extremely expensive and additional costs can quite literally come up out of nowhere. While all the glitz, glamor, and beautiful decorations can be desirable as a bride-to-be, they can have a hefty price tag when purchased or rented brand new.

Luckily, a lot of these things can be DIY-ed for a much cheaper price, helping your budget and giving you the wedding of your dreams all at the same time. At The Oklahoma Bridal Show, we want every couple to have the wedding they've always wanted- even if they must DIY it!

Our favorite DIY projects for a lower-budget wedding are:

● Get thrifty: Wanting an eclectic wedding that has beautiful centerpieces that look effortlessly curated? Head to the thrift store! The home section of thrift stores have beautiful looking vases, candelabras, jars, statues, and so much more. DIY your centerpieces with a trendy compilation of thrift store centerpieces. It will bring a cool vibe to your wedding for a fraction of the cost. Even better, you're more likely to have wedding decorations that no other bride has.
● Custom wooden signs: Creating your own wooden signs for your wedding is an affordable way to bring some extra charm to your ceremony. Buy some wood, paint, and brushes. You can paint whatever you want like "Just Married" or "Mr. & Mrs." The possibilities are endless. If you aren't super confident in your painting skills, you can purchase stencils for great prices on websites like Etsy or your local craft store. You can also make custom table signs for your guests for a more intimate vibe.
● Don't be afraid of a can of spray paint: If you are looking for a way to add some color or make everything more uniform, try some spray paint! This makes things the exact color you want them for a cheaper price. A lot of times, the generic color of items is offered at a lower cost than the color you might want, so just spray paint them for a more affordable option and get the elevated look you were going for!

There are so many ways to DIY aspects of your wedding, these are just a couple we love! Most of the times, creating your own items makes your wedding one of a kind. For more planning tips for your big day, check out our other blog posts here.