Getting Married on Valentine's Day: Things to Know

A Day Filled With Love

Wedding Planning - 2/14/2022

With any day you get married, there will be potential advantages and disadvantages. Hosting your wedding on a holiday is a fun way to bring in some festivity into the event. Valentine's Day, in particular, is an especially unique one as it is the one day all about love, just like your wedding day. At The Oklahoma Bridal Show, we are dedicated to helping couple's plan their big day and a huge portion of that is choosing the date. This blog post shares things to know about getting married on Valentine's Day.

The top things to know about getting married on Valentine's Day are:

● It gives the date more meaning: Valentine's Day is a special day that almost everyone celebrates. Getting married and having your anniversary on this date will take this generic, Hallmark card holiday to the next level, giving it more meaning to you and your significant other. While this will make the day even more special, it is important to note that since everyone is celebrating their own love on this day, it can make your anniversary feel a little less personal in the long run.
● You can celebrate with a winter getaway: The summertime tends to be the time of year where everyone is making travel plans, but what about the winter? This season tends to get neglected for travel unless there is a reason behind it. Give the winter a reason to celebrate with a Valentine's Day wedding, allowing for fun and special anniversary trips in the future. Warm, tropical islands are calling your name!
● You won't forget the date: One of the most cliche arguments in a marriage is over forgetting the anniversary. Luckily, if you choose a day like Valentine's Day, it is highly unlikely that the wedding date will be forgotten in the future.

What wedding date will you choose? Whatever day you choose, Valentine's Day or not, your wedding day will be one you will always remember. If you are currently planning your wedding, read our other blog posts here.