Popular Winter Hairstyles This Season

Trending Hairstyles for Winter 2022

Wedding Planning - 2/4/2022

You have already set the date, and you have picked out the beautiful dress, the perfect shoes, and the most fashionable accessories. All that's left is the hair! When it comes to hair, whether you are making a bold statement or keeping things simple, staying true to yourself is always important. This blog post from The Oklahoma Bridal Show shares a few of our favorite hairstyles that we are seeing trending for brides throughout the country. Gain some inspiration for your wedding by reading!

Here are 3 of the most popular winter wedding hairstyles this year:

● Gems and pearls: Adding gems or pearls to your hair is a fun, new way to elevate any wedding style. Especially in the colder months, these can replicate snow and ice glistening in the sun - making your hair look like you're in a winter wonderland! Although they are small, they can make any simple look more stylish.
● Asymmetrical twist: French twists are an elegant and timeless hairstyle but adding a little bit of asymmetry to one is a great way to spunk it up and make this style your own. Asymmetrical designs are big in the fashion scene for 2022, so taking this fashionable trend and transforming it into your hair is a gorgeous "twist" to a classic option that everybody loves.
● Half-up, half-down: If you want to have your hair down but still rock a styled look, a half-up, half-down hairstyle is the perfect way to go. You can add twists, braids, and buns to pull some of it back while keeping most of it down. This hairstyle can be completely personalized to your preferences.

There are so many ways to style your hair on your wedding day. It's all up to you! Make sure to choose what you feel most confident in. Doing a test run is always a smart choice as it allows you to see what hairstyles you're comfortable with and lets you make any changes if necessary. For more wedding planning inspiration, check out our other blog posts here.