Pre-Wedding Checklist for the Night Before the Big Day

Your Personal Wedding Checklist

Wedding Planning - 1/28/2022

The big day is almost here. With months and months of planning and preparation, the last thing that you would want to do is forget something last minute. Because of this, many brides face the most stress the night before the wedding - which is where a great checklist comes in! An effective checklist can be that extra step that gives you peace of mind during one of the most important days of your life. At The Oklahoma Bridal Show, we want every bride to be as prepared as possible - checklist and all!

Here are 5 essential tasks to add to your pre-wedding checklist for the night before:

1. Pack a reception clutch: During the night before a wedding, it is always a great idea to put together a little bag full of any essentials that you might want or need for the reception. Entrust it to someone during the ceremony, so you always know it's in a safe place. You can pack deodorant, lipstick, mints, hair products, or anything else.
2. Make sure the entire outfit is prepared: Double check your wedding dress and shoes to make sure that they are in place and ready to go. Additionally, make sure you know where all your accessories are like jewelry pieces, hair clips, gloves, and more. It is also a fun idea to give your wedding shoes a test run to make sure you are ready and able to walk down the aisle in them! Grab some friends and show your best walk.
3. Handle any last-minute payments: Double check on your payments for the vendors and set aside some extra cash to tip them when they come and set up, or for any other last-minute emergencies that could pop up.
4. Stay fueled and hydrated: The nerves of getting married can make it difficult to remember to eat, so make sure that you eat a healthy dinner and drink plenty of water to stay ensure you're fueled for your special day.
5. Get a good night's rest: One of the best things that you can do the night before your wedding is to get enough sleep. The less sleep you get, the harder and more stressful things might seem the next day. Get some beauty sleep and get ready to take on your wedding.

Checklists might seem redundant to some, but they can make all the difference. Add and take away what suits you best, and make sure to take it all in! To sign up for our upcoming bridal shows, click here.