Top Benefits of Getting Married in January

First Month of the Year Advantages

Wedding Planning - 1/21/2022

No matter what month or season you decide to get married in, there will always be benefits that come with - even in January! The month of January is sometimes avoided due to the colder weather conditions in some climates; however, we believe that every month is worthy of having a wedding. Although it has some disadvantages, January brings a ton of hidden advantages when it comes to budgeting and planning a wedding. To make it easier, this blog post from The Oklahoma Bridal Show gives all the inside scoop on all the great things that come with getting married in January.

Here are just a few of our favorite benefits of getting married in the month of January:

● Better rates: The winter is typically an offseason for most weddings. Since people are usually getting married in the summer months, the demand for the venues will be lower which leads to more affordable prices. If you have a strict budget for your wedding, opt for a January date to make your favorite venue more realistic when it comes to price.
● More availability: There is a lot more availability in the winter season months for venues which almost guarantees that you will get the date that you want easier. It also makes the process of booking vendors much simpler as they are often less busy during these times.
● Cheaper accommodations for family: If your wedding is far away or you just have a lot of individuals traveling from out of town, the accommodations such as hotels and plane flights are likely to be a lot cheaper during this time. Since January is an offseason for traveling, your guests won't have to break the bank when coming in town for your big day.
● Less wedding fatigue: The spring and summer months are always jammed packed with weddings, and for many, going to wedding after wedding after wedding can be exhausting and expensive. Planning your wedding in January will keep your event out of the huge wave of weddings ensuring that no wedding fatigue is taking place for you or your guests.

Every month is a fantastic time to get married. The most important part is that you can celebrate your love with your significant other. To start planning yours, check out our upcoming events by clicking here. We would love to see you at our next event.