Wedding Dress Trends That We Will See in 2022

What's currently trending?

Wedding Planning - 1/19/2022

With every new year comes new trends, especially in the ever-changing wedding industry. Some brides want to stay ahead of the current fashion must-haves and take advantage of what is currently trending. Sometimes it can be difficult to navigate what route to go down when looking for the perfect dress. Do you go classic and timeless or bold and unconventional? This is totally up to you! In this blog post, The Oklahoma Bridal Show discusses our favorite wedding dress trends that we hope to see this year.

Here are five wedding dress trends that we will see in 2022:

1. Florals: Floral motifs are back in style, and they are not messing around. If you are considering adding some texture and design to your dress, adding a floral applique or a floral beaded design is a great way to play into this trend elegantly.
2. Feathers: Just like the florals can add texture, so can adding feathers to your dress. That is what 2022 is all about - texture, texture, and more texture! The feathers will add a whimsical feel to any wedding dress while also amping up the drama.
3. Separates: This trend is more on the nontraditional side, but we are loving it. If you are a bride that doesn't love dresses, looking into bridal separates might be a suitable option. These two-piece styles were seen heavily on the runaways, and we can't wait to see them rocked this year.
4. Deep Necklines: In 2022, we aren't holding back, and neither are our necklines. Deep V necklines are currently trending. If you're wanting a dramatic and sultry dress, go for the plunging neckline in your wedding dress.
5. Balloon Puff Sleeves: Can someone say 80's revival? These fun, puffy sleeves are everything we want to see this year as it brings back the crazy and beautiful styles of the 80's in the perfect way. This style will be a great fit for any bride with a more retro or old-fashioned style.

There's a wedding dress option out there for every type of bride. When trying on different types of dresses and playing around with the trends, go with what fits your personal style the most and what you feel the most comfortable in. For more wedding planning tips, check out our other blog posts here.