5 Wedding Guest Book Alternatives

Traditional or not?

Wedding Planning - 1/19/2022

Having a wedding guest book at your reception is a great way to remember everyone who came to celebrate your big day. In recent years, many couples have chosen unique forms of wedding book alternatives that serve the same purpose but in a new and exciting way to make their wedding even more memorable. This blog post from The Oklahoma Bridal Show is dedicated to sharing some of our favorite wedding guest book alternatives over the past couple years.

Here are five ideas for wedding guest book alternatives to implement into your wedding:

1. Polaroid book: Instead of having a traditional wedding book, some couples choose to have a picture book. When everyone first walks in, you can have them take a Polaroid photo of themselves, sign it, and slip it into an open spot on the book. This is a great alternative as it lets you know what everyone looked like at the time of your wedding and the expressions on their face. As another option, you can also use a disposable camera to hand around during the reception and get the images printed later for yourself to enjoy.
2. Map: If you love to travel, having a map as your wedding guest book is a great idea. Guests can stop by and pin a place that they think you should visit. This will not only be an amazing keepsake but will also allow you to start building your travel bucket list as a couple in the future.
3. Date jar: Coming up with fun date ideas can get hard over time, so why not make your guests do it for you? Getting a cute jar and decorating it to then have guests write their favorite date ideas on it is a thoughtful alternative to a traditional book. It also allows older couples present at the wedding to give the newlyweds some relationship advice.
4. Wine box/bottle: Calling all wine lovers! This alternative will have your guests sign bottles of wine or wine boxes that you will be able to display in your home forever. You can pick a sentimental wine for your relationship or one that was served at the wedding itself.
5. Photo strips: Print beautiful pictures of you and your significant other such as engagement photos on a large poster along with some white space on the sides. Guests can sign the white space of the photo strips. This would be a great thing to hang in your future home together and can be loved for years to come.

Traditional or not - it is important to get creative with all your wedding planning and put your own personality into it. For all things weddings, check out our other blog posts here to learn more.