Holiday Destination Wedding Locations

Where will your big day be located?

Wedding Reception - 1/4/2022

Destination weddings are a common option among couples who love to travel the world or just want to experience something more intimate and special with their friends and family. For smaller ceremonies, destination weddings don't always have to break the bank if planned correctly. During the wintertime, some brides choose to amplify the holiday spirit around them and choose a location that matches. At The Oklahoma Bridal Show, we want everyone to have the wedding of their dreams whether that is in your hometown or a place you've never been.

Here are some of our favorite destinations for holiday weddings:

● New York, New York: As many know, New York City is a magical place during the holidays. With ice skating, snow falling, Broadway shows, and Christmas trees galore, it can be a great option for city lovers. There is also gorgeous skylines for photo backgrounds which offers a nontraditional wedding atmosphere. Many choose to host their weddings in some of the most iconic NYC buildings such as hotels or museums.
● New Orleans, Louisiana: If you're looking for a holiday destination that might not be as cold, New Orleans is the perfect location. This lively city is an extremely fun destination and is even more beautiful as they decorate the city for Christmas. This location would allow you to have an exciting time while also being in a trendy city known for its music and cuisine.
● Vail, Colorado: What's at the center of seemingly every Hallmark Christmas movie ever? A ski resort! If you and your loved ones want to be transported into a small mountain town with one of the best ski resorts around - Vail, Colorado is the place for you. It has plenty of attractions to enjoy after the ceremony while still having that charming, small-town feel.
● Iceland: Iceland is becoming an increasingly popular location for destination weddings around the holiday season. The stunning mountain views with snow, bright blue lagoons, and foggy skies make Iceland one of the most picturesque wedding destinations. For those who enjoy traveling, checking off Iceland on your list of places to go to is a must.

There are so many places for destination weddings in the wintertime - these are just some of our favorites. Wherever your wedding is located, it is the love that matters the most. For more wedding planning tips, check out our other blog posts here.