5 Tips for Planning a Bachelorette Trip

Make Planning a Breeze

Wedding Planning - 1/4/2022

Bachelorette trips are a fun and exciting way to have a great weekend out with your friends right before getting married, serving as a last hurrah before entering your next chapter with your significant other. While planning this trip on top of preparing for a wedding can seem like too much at times, there are many helpful tips that when used properly can make the process a little easier. This blog post from The Oklahoma Bridal Show is dedicated to sharing some ways to have a wonderful, yet less stressful, bachelorette trip.

Here are five tips to use when planning your next bachelorette trip:

1. Ask for help: Planning the bachelorette party does not have to fall all on the bride. In fact, as a tradition, the maid of honor is typically the one who plans the party or trip since the bride-to-be usually wants to focus on the wedding night itself. All the bridesmaids and especially the maid of honor are there to help and want this trip to be just as fun as you do. Delegating tasks ensures that all the work doesn't fall onto one person.
2. Make some lists: Making lists of all the important things you want to do and places you want to go to on the trip is important. Plan ahead with this too, so you can reserve places before visiting to save valuable time. Being organized and having a clear idea of what you want to do will help to make the planning less stressful as the trip approaches.
3. Send out important reminders: Sending out reminders of important details like Airbnb locations, specific dates, itineraries, and flight information is key for a successful bachelorette trip. While it might seem like it's too much, sending a couple emails with all the information will ensure that everyone knows what's going on and can plan accordingly with no surprises.
4. Establishing a destination: Picking the perfect destination for your bachelorette party is one of the biggest parts that goes into planning. Think about the type of trip you are wanting and the party vibes that match your group. Wanting a crazy weekend filled with music? Nashville is a great choice. Wanting a more relaxed but just as fun trip? Charleston will give you a beach feel in a cool, charming city.
5. Put your personality in it: The bachelorette party is all about you, so having your personality shine through should be a top priority. Whether it be with the decorations, events, or location, make it your own and have fun in the process.

While planning a bachelorette party might seem challenging with the wedding quickly approaching, it is supposed to be fun in the end. If you are currently in the middle of wedding planning or just getting started, consider buying tickets for one of our upcoming shows.