Winter Wedding Makeup Must-Haves

Our Favorite Products for Winter 2021

Wedding Planning - 12/15/2021

Part of the wedding experience for brides is to get their makeup and hair professionally done with some of their closest friends and family. When their skin is flawless, their lashes are long, and their brows are perfectly defined, brides end up feeling their absolute best with beautiful photos of the special night to be remembered forever. While a full face of makeup is not necessarily the choice for every bride, many brides like to experiment with new products to celebrate getting married. This blog post from The Oklahoma Bridal Show is dedicated to offering some of our favorite makeup products for the winter season.

The best makeup items to use for your winter wedding are:

● Dewy and hydrating foundation: In the winter, the air becomes cold and dry, and the same thing happens to our skin. Having a hydrating and dewy base will help to keep your skin from feeling dry in the cold winter air.
● Primer: Weddings are an all-day event, so it is important to have your makeup last through the night as well. Having a tacky and strong primer will keep your makeup on your face as you have one of the best days of your life.
● Waterproof mascara: Tears of joy are a common occurrence at any wedding. When the vows are being read, it can be an emotional and loving experience. What you don't want to happen when the tears are falling is for your mascara to run with them. That's where waterproof mascara comes in to save the day.
● Cream contour and blush: Just like with having a dewy and hydrating foundation, you don't want to dry your skin out with powders on a cold day. Using a cream contour and blush will allow for your skin to breath and not be suffocated by powders.
● Pop of color: Whether it be with the eyeshadow or lipstick, adding in a pop of color is the perfect touch for your winter wedding. During this time of year, there tends to be less colors around outside as its gets colder, so adding those colors into your face makeup is a fun idea such as red lipstick or a bold and dramatic eye look.

At the end of the day, it is all up to you when it comes to how much makeup you prefer to ensure you feel comfortable and confident all day long. To get started on the wedding planning process, check out our upcoming shows.