In-Season Winter Wedding Flower Ideas

The Perfect Flowers for Your Winter Wedding

Wedding Planning - 12/3/2021

Winter weddings create some of the most beautiful and scenic ceremonies for couples all around the country. However, the temperatures can become a harsh environment for flowers to grow causing the floral selection to be more of a challenge. The Oklahoma Bridal Show dedicates this blog post to providing in-season flower bouquet ideas for winter weddings. We believe there is a flower type out there for every kind of bride to love!

Some of our favorite in-season flowers for winter weddings are:

● Carnations: Carnations are a tough flower that can withstand the cold of the winter. They come in an array of colors like pink, red, or yellow - making them the perfect fit for any wedding regardless of the color scheme or design. Each color carnation symbolizes something different. For example, white carnations symbolize purity and luck while red symbolizes love and affection.
● Roses: Is there any flower more romantic than roses? We don't think so. These in-season, classic flowers are bound to add an intimate touch to your wedding. Grab some deep red shades to play into the theme of the season.
● Poinsettias: Having a wedding around the holidays? These "Christmas Flowers" will be the perfect fit for your theme. These add a bit of holiday flare and beauty into any bouquet.
● Orchids: These flowers are an elegant and simple way to vamp up your table decor. Having a vase with white orchids is a formal and classic style that will elevate any wedding, especially in the winter season.
● Camellias: These flowers are the pride and joy of the winter seasons. With layers and layers of petals, these flowers are full and will bulk up any bouquet in the most beautiful way.
● Sweet Peas: Wanting a more delicate flower? The sweet pea is perfect for you then. With pale pink petals that are nearly light as a feather, they will make any bouquet or decoration look dainty yet beautiful.

With so many beautiful in-season flowers to choose from this winter, every bride is bound to find something she loves. For more help planning your wedding, read our other blog posts here.