Ways to Notify Guests About Your Wedding COVID Safety Measures

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Wedding Planning - 11/15/2021

Living and dealing with all the safety measures and precautions around the pandemic is hard enough as it is but adding planning a wedding into the mix can make things even more difficult. Different people are very opinionated with how they think the pandemic should be handled based on their beliefs and backgrounds, so sometimes notifying guests about safety precautions present at your own wedding can seem like a task no bride wants to undertake.

However, this is becoming the new normal for brides across the country. The Oklahoma Bridal Show wants every couple to get married safely and happily but also feel prepared in doing so.

Here are three ways to notify your guests about COVID safety measures at your wedding:

1. Digital Invitations: When sending out virtual invitations to your wedding, you can add a section asking those who are coming of their vaccination status upon the date of the wedding. Locations and venues are constantly changing their requirements on vaccinations, COVID-negative tests, and masks, so adding this question can give help to give the couple a better look at what their own safety measures should be dependent on guests' personal health.
2. Health and Safety Insert: If you are sending out physical wedding invitations, adding a health and safety insert is a great idea. This method allows for the guests to be notified of any COVID safety measures that are being taken at that time for the venue. If anything changes to these measures, they can always be directed to the couple's wedding website for real-time updates.
3. Wedding Website: Wedding websites are very popular right now and allow for the bride and groom to update their invitees with anything and everything. Adding in a COVID section or a health and safety section is an easy way to update everyone on all the changes. Since regulations change so quickly, what could be the situation one day might not be so the next.

Many brides feel as if they are walking on a fine line when informing and asking guests pandemic-related questions, but this is our new reality so it's something to get more accustomed to. For more for assistance in navigating these unprecedented times, check out our other blog posts here.