5 Non-Traditional Wedding Table Names

Starting New Traditions

Wedding Planning - 11/4/2021

When creating a naming system for your tables and forming a seating chart for your wedding, it can be easy to go the traditional route and number the tables off. While this is simple and easy, there are many other creative and personal routes that can be taken when naming your tables.

The Oklahoma Bridal Show shares five non-traditional table names that will leave a more personal touch to any wedding:

1. Books or Authors: Calling all book lovers! This table naming method is a great way to incorporate something that you love into your wedding. Whether it is your favorite book series or beloved author, naming the tables after them is a unique and fun way to bring your personality into your big day. It might even spark up interesting conversations at the different tables.
2. Street Names: This table naming method can be very sentimental. Picking street names that are important to you and your relationship can be a great way to intertwine the history of your relationship into the wedding. Some examples of these would be the street you had your first date on, your proposal location, your first house or apartment, etc.
3. Songs: Another way to add pieces of your personality and relationship into the wedding is by picking songs that you and your spouse love as well as songs that are important to your relationship for the names of the tables. You can even play those songs at the reception and encourage the people sitting at the table to dance along!
4. Wine Varieties: Vineyards have become a very popular wedding venue. If you are planning on having your wedding at a vineyard, naming your tables after different types of wines is a unique way to bring the venue into the reception.
5. Attractions: Destination weddings are all the rage. A creative way to incorporate the destination of your wedding even more is to pick fun attractions in the area for your table names. You can also provide facts and pictures of the local places on the table to help build conversation between the people sitting there.

What table names will you use for your big day? There are so many ideas out there, these are just some of our favorites! For more wedding planning ideas, check out our other blog posts here.