Plus-One Etiquette

Who Gets One?

Wedding Planning - 10/18/2021

Plus-ones and deciding the factors for who gets one and doesn't sometimes can cause absolute havoc in the wedding planning process when establishing the guest list. Over the years, the traditional rules have blurred, so it makes the process even more difficult for today's brides. Since the number of guests ultimately impacts the overall budget, it is important to determine the count ahead of time.

In this blog post, The Oklahoma Bridal Show shares three groups who should receive a plus-one:

1. Married couples: Many brides choose to invite both individuals in a married couple. Even if the bride is only familiar with one person in the couple, it makes that guest more comfortable and more likely to attend if they can come with someone by their side. This contributes to the guest's overall experience and is a common courtesy.
2. Long-term couples or those who live together: As our society evolves, so do traditional wedding rules. Many brides choose to give a plus-one to those who are in a long-term, serious relationship or those who live together. While it might be challenging to look at a long list of potential guests and decide, it makes it easier to eliminate those who are just casually dating. For this group, it really depends on the bride herself and who she feels comfortable inviting.
3. Wedding party: The above rules don't necessarily apply to the wedding party guests. For these individuals, it is important to thank them as much as possible for being a part of the bride's big day. Therefore, a bride might allow several bridesmaids to invite their short-term boyfriends or close friends as a way of showing their appreciation. These guests aren't forced to bring a plus-one if they don't have one in mind, but it is always gracious to offer the chance if they would like to do so.

In the end, it is important for brides to stand their ground when it comes to plus-one proposals. When continuously increasing the guest count, brides might make their guests happier, but they won't be fitting in their budget or getting what they really want out of their special day. To start the wedding planning process and to learn about local wedding vendors, register for one of our upcoming shows.