Why October Is Considered One of the Best Months to Get Married

Reasons We Love October

Wedding Planning - 10/18/2021

There are so many favorite months to get married according to brides all over the country, but time and time again, October is considered one of the best. At The Oklahoma Bridal Show, we want every couple to understand the benefits that come with getting married in October.

Here are four reasons why couples choose to get married in the month of October:

1. Lovely weather: The weather in October is always one of the top reasons for choosing the month for a wedding. It is the point in the year where the temperatures start to cool off and being outside is enjoyable. For an outdoor wedding, having it in October will allow you to be surrounded by comfortable temperatures without worrying about it getting too hot or too cold.
2. One-of-a-kind scenery and colors: In October, the leaves start changing colors and the scenery becomes some of the most beautiful wedding decor. Having fall colors incorporated into the theme of the wedding is a great way to incorporate the beautiful landscape while staying true to the time of year.
3. Lower prices: As the wedding off-season approaches, the prices for the weddings begin to drop. Since summer is the peak time for weddings, the prices for venues and catering tend to fall as the season ends, making October a great time to get married if you are looking to save some money.
4. Easier to book travel accommodations: Regardless of if you are planning a destination wedding or not, you are going to have family and friends traveling to come to your special day. Booking hotels and traveling in general is more difficult in the summer, but in October it becomes a lot easier because there is not a lot of vacations and holidays going on. This goes for the couple's honeymoon too.

Are you convinced now that you should have your wedding in October? We believe that every month has its own unique features for weddings, and we would love to assist you in your wedding planning process. To register for an upcoming show, click here.