How to Reduce Wedding Planning Stress

Top Ways to Decrease Wedding-Related Stress

Wedding Planning - 10/4/2021

Weddings are an important day in many of our lives, so stress can sometimes seem inevitable when planning such a big day. It is very easy to get quickly overwhelmed in the process especially due to unexpected outside factors such as money and family disagreements. At The Oklahoma Bridal Show, we understand this concern and want every couple to have as stress-free of a wedding as possible which is why we are offering some of them most effective ways to reduce wedding planning stress.

Here are five ways to reduce stress when planning your wedding:

1. Stay organized: Being organized can help to reduce stress levels drastically. When you know where everything is, when vendors are going to get back to you, and have all your wedding information in one place, it can be very helpful. If everything was all over the place and you didn't have the best idea as to what was going on, you could get stressed out very easily. This makes organization key. Nowadays, many choose to keep and organize their documents and information digitally so it can always be found.
2. Have a sense of humor: Laughter is one of the best remedies for nearly everything. Sometimes when things don't always go to plan or work exactly how we want, it can be beneficial to see some light or humor in it. This can go a long way and can also boost other people's moods around you.
3. Enjoy your engagement: At the end of the day, you are preparing for a marriage not just a wedding, so take some time to enjoy the engagement life. It is perfectly fine to not be obsessing and planning the wedding all day every day. Take some time for you and your fiance and enjoy the wonders of being engaged.
4. Stop comparing: Do not compare your wedding planning process to others. When comparing, you are likely to only look at the highlights of their day and not all the little things that might have gone wrong. Your wedding day is for you and your partner and should not be compared to others.
5. Ask for help: When wedding planning starts to get overwhelming and stressful, one of the best things you can do is to ask for help. Wedding planners, family, and friends all want to assist you during these times and help contribute to the day of your dreams.

Wedding planning is stressful, but it doesn't always have to be. To stay up to date on the current wedding trends, read more of our other blog posts. Contact us with any wedding planning related questions by calling 405-633-0366.