Pros and Cons of Hosting a Micro Wedding

Should You Go Small?

Wedding Planning - 9/21/2021

Micro weddings are just like a traditional wedding but on a smaller scale, typically with a maximum of 20 individuals. Instead of hundreds of people, brides invite a very small group to celebrate their special day. For some couples, this is exactly what they want; however, many others still look for that large, extravagant wedding shown in the movies. At The Oklahoma Bridal Show, we want every couple to be informed about all wedding styles, so they can easily decide which one fits them best.

Pros of having a micro wedding:

Lower price: Micro weddings are significantly cheaper than their traditional counterparts. When you have a lower amount of people to cater to, you can save a lot of money. This also means that since most of the wedding will be cheaper in comparison, you will have room in your budget to splurge on things that you really want. This might even mean a more expensive and luxurious honeymoon in the future.
More intimate: Having a micro wedding can make the experience feel more personal and intimate, since there aren't as many people there. It is the closest thing to an elopement but still having a few close guests to celebrate with.
COVID-19 "safe": Even though restrictions are recently being lifted, we still are in a pandemic. Having a micro wedding is a great option when wanting to celebrate but still wanting to be safe, especially with older relatives. Having a smaller guest list also can be beneficial in the case that restrictions change again in the future, and large gatherings are no longer able to happen.

Cons of having a micro wedding:

Very selective: When having a micro wedding you are inviting a very small number of people. That means you must be selective with the guest list. Sometimes picking and choosing who to invite can be difficult as you do not want to hurt anyone's feelings in the long run. With a micro wedding, you won't be able to invite every person you know but rather just your closest friends and family.
Possibility of regret: Sometimes when having a micro wedding, couples regret not inviting certain individuals or not having that large-scale wedding they had always dreamed about. This is completely normal which is why it is so important to weigh the pros and cons of each wedding style beforehand to see which is right for you.

There are going to be pros and cons for any type of wedding. When the pros outweigh the cons for your situation, that's how you will know you've picked the perfect style. For more questions about the wedding planning process, contact us us today!