5 Trendy Wedding Colors for Fall 2021

Colors Trending This Season

Wedding Planning - 9/14/2021

Having the trendiest wedding colors is something that almost every bride wants. Luckily, staying up to date on all things wedding related is something that we take seriously at The Oklahoma Bridal Show. Making sure that all our brides stay knowledgeable about the latest trends while also mixing these trends with the couple's unique preferences for their big day is our specialty.

Here are 5 trendy colors for a Fall 2021 wedding:

1. Red Wine: Deep red wine is a way to bring in dramatic color while still playing into the fall aesthetic. This color can be incorporated into bridesmaids dresses or bouquets. It also pairs well with other dark colors like emeralds or lighter colors like dusty blues.
2. Rust: Rust is a great way to bring in the orange trend that was so prominent this past spring and summer into the fall. It mutes the bright tone in an elegant, timeless way. This color would look great in dresses or as accents throughout the decor.
3. Sage: Sage has been a very popular color this year and bringing it into the fall for your wedding is a great option. It can be used almost anywhere throughout the wedding but would look great in lush centerpieces on tables and down the aisle.
4. Black and White: People are liking to keep things simple and sleek this fall. Having black and white color schemes gives a polished and, when done properly, very elegant vibe to a wedding. Mixing in grey to get a range of hues can help as well for this minimalist trend.
5. Plum: This deep purple color is a great way to creep into fall. It's warmth plays well with the orange hues of the falling leaves in any outdoor venue. Use this color in flowers or as an accent in other decorations.

Have more questions about trending colors and how to incorporate them into your wedding this fall? Contact us today!