Finding the Perfect Wedding Venue

Top Things to Consider

Wedding Planning - 8/15/2021

One of the most important, if not the most important, steps in the wedding planning process is finding a wedding venue both the bride and groom love. This can easily become a tricky task as both individuals and both families might have completely different ideas when it comes to the perfect venue.

So the planning can run as smoothly as possible, The Oklahoma Bridal Show shares five things to consider when choosing a venue for your wedding:

1. Budget: Although money tends to be a taboo topic, it helps a considerable amount to talk about the budget before making plans on a venue. If a couple can't afford a particular space, it is better for them to know upfront rather than get their hopes up. Not speaking on money can lead to false hopes and harsh realities; therefore, it is better to sit as a family and discuss the realistic options.
2. Location: Location is an important factor as you can't be two places at once which means that one side of the couple might have to compromise if the two can't agree on one setting. Budget also plays a role in determining the location as some spots are pricier than others.
3. Guest count: When looking at venues, you'll need to have an estimate of the number that is attending. This way, you can ensure that the venue will have enough space for the amount of people that will be in it on the wedding day.
4. What's included: Some venues are all-inclusive, and some are not. Knowing what is included in the venue will allow the couple to budget accordingly. An all-inclusive wedding package would include things like food, decorations, furniture, floral arrangements, and more.
5. If it is what YOU want: At the end of the day, it is your wedding. Don't just choose a wedding venue because it is what your parents want, or don't just pick a place that you think will impress the guests. What matters is what you truly envision for your special day.

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