Five Wedding Superstitions Explained

What do they really mean?

Wedding Ceremony - 7/29/2021

Superstitions have always been around - some believe them and others not so much. If you're the type of person to throw some salt behind your shoulder for good luck, you might want to pay attention and learn about these popular wedding superstitions.

Here are five common wedding superstitions explained:

1. Seeing each other before the wedding: Everyone has heard this one a thousand times. It is believed that it is bad luck for the groom to see the bride in her wedding dress before the wedding ceremony. This superstition dates back to when arranged marriages were more common and was a mechanism to keep them from ditching. People thought that if they had cold feet and got the chance to see each other before the ceremony, either the bride or groom would run away from the marriage.
2. Rain on the wedding day: While rain on your wedding day might not seem like the best thing, this is one of the more positive superstitions. Rain on the day of the wedding can bestow fertility and cleansing to the happy couple.
3. Something new, old, borrowed, and blue: If these four items are brought to the wedding by the bride, she historically is supposed to have good luck and countless blessings. The something old symbolizes the bride's past, the new resembles the couple's future, the borrowed must be from a married couple so their good fortune comes to you, and the something blue symbolizes fidelity and love.
4. Crying on your wedding day: Crying on your wedding day is supposed to bring good luck to the bride. It symbolizes her shedding all her tears beforehand, so she won't have tears to shed in the marriage. So, cry those happy tears on your wedding day!
5. Knives as a wedding gift: It is highly advised to not put knives on your wedding registry, because if gifted to you it can symbolize a broken marriage. If you really want a new set of kitchen knives, it might be best to invest in them on your own - if you believe in that kind of stuff.

Overall, these superstitions only mean as much as the value you put into them - Don't let some old wives' tales dampen your special day! For assistance in the wedding planning process, register for one of our bridal shows or contact us today to get started.