Top Summer 2021 Color Trends

Our Favorite Colors This Season

Wedding Planning - 7/23/2021

Not sure about what color scheme to go for at your upcoming wedding? Needing a little bit of color inspiration for the decorations? Don't fret! With so many color trends this summer, there are bound to be some gorgeous hues that you'll fall in love with. Summer is the perfect season for trying out new colors - whether you like soft pastels or bolder neons. At The Oklahoma Bridal Show, we want every bride to have a color palette for their wedding that matches their taste and style.

Here are 2021 color trends to use for your summer wedding palette:

● Light blue: Light blue is a soft, elegant hue that compliments almost any other color. Light blue can be incorporated into a wedding in many ways with the linens on tables, having light blue hydrangeas, or with place settings. It is also a timeless wedding color and can easily match many neutral colors.
● Willow green: Green is a trending color this summer that couldn't be easier to incorporate into a wedding. When choosing floral arrangements, having lots of greenery is a beautiful way to use this color. Not to mention, greenery is cheaper than flowers so you will be saving money while being trendy. Green is also a great shade to consider for bridesmaid's dresses as the range of hues it comes in is flattering on a wide range of skin tones from fairer to darker.
● Lavender: Blush has had its turn, and now lavender is taking over. This stunning pastel has been running rampant over the wedding scene, and we are loving it! This regal color looks great on its own but also pairs well with other pastels to create a dreamy scene. Use it sparingly as a highlight or add it to dresses and bouquets to make more of a statement.
● Apricot: 2021 has been a comeback year for the color orange, and while this color may seem intimidating at first, there are more elegant and trendy ways to incorporate it into a wedding. Having pops of orange in the florals or hints on the cake are simple, and classy ways to incorporate this bolder color.

Choosing a color palette for your wedding should be fun - so don't find yourself stressing about it too much! By choosing any of these trending colors, you'll have a beautiful, summer night that you can always remember for years to come. If you need assistance with the wedding planning process, contact the Oklahoma Bridal Show Today for more help along the way.