How To: Prepare for Your First Bridal Show

Bridal Shows Made Easy

Wedding Planning - 7/23/2021

The excitement and joy that comes along with planning a wedding with your significant other is wonderful to experience, but it can also be a confusing and stressful time for many brides-to-be. From figuring out what the best local vendors are to trying on hundreds of dresses, wedding planning can easily become a difficult task. Luckily, at wedding shows, like The Oklahoma Bridal Show, tons of vendors are brought into one place at one time, making wedding planning a little bit easier. However, it is important to be prepared when you attend a bridal show to fully take advantage of the unique experience.

Here are three tips for preparing for your first bridal show:

1. Make a list prior: Before going to the bridal show, create a list of different vendor types you are interested in looking at. Going in blindly is never a good idea as these shows can be crowded and packed. Making a list ahead of time gives you a better idea of your priorities and how you will be spending the day. When making the list, it is also beneficial to rank them for what are the most important things to look at to further help with managing your time, so you can spend more time on higher priority items and less on the others.
2. Create email designated to wedding planning: Many vendors will be asking for your contact information; therefore, it can be beneficial to create an email address just for wedding planning. Since many individuals get tons of emails every day, it can be easy to lose an important wedding email in a cluttered inbox. This helps immensely with organization and communication between you and the vendors.
3. Dress properly: At wedding shows, you are going to be walking around the entire time. Make sure to especially wear comfortable shoes so that you can focus on the vendors and not as much on your feet hurting. It can also help to bring a tote to carry all the business cards, brochures, and free goodies, so that these items don't get lost while walking around. Attending the show dressed appropriately will allow you to become fully engaged and enjoy the bridal show to the fullest.

Overall, the most important thing you to bring to a bridal show is a great attitude and some excitement for your upcoming wedding! If you have any questions about upcoming shows, feel free to contact us. As always, we are here to help!