What To Wear: Summer Wedding Edition

Guest Edition

Wedding Ceremony - 7/12/2021

You've just been invited to a summer wedding, how exciting! But the big question is: What do I wear? With so many fun fashion trends and a variety of dos and don'ts, finding the perfect outfit to wear to a summer wedding can be a tad bit stressful. At The Oklahoma Bridal Show, we are here to help with the entire wedding process from the brides to be, vendors, to even the guests!

What To Wear for a Summer Wedding - Women Edition:

● Dresses: The formality of the dress type strictly depends on the type of event. Some weddings are more formal and traditional where a long gown might be preferred, whereas others may be more laid back where a shorter, flowy dress is the proper choice. Asking members of the wedding party can be useful when deciding, but when not sure, it is best to go with the longer option to be safe.
● Shoes: A strappy sandal wedge or heel is always a cute and classy shoe option for any summer wedding. For outdoor summer weddings, make sure to be conscious of the type of heel you wear. A skinnier heel is likely to sink into the ground, so opting for a wedge or thicker heel is always the way to go.
● Colors: When dressing for a summer wedding, figuring out what color to wear can be tricky. When in doubt, don't wear white. A white dress is for the bride, but softer pastels and light colors are a great option. Simple floral prints are always a great way to add some variation and print to the dress without going overboard.

What To Wear for a Summer Wedding - Men Edition:

● Tops: Because of the heat in the summer, it is important to keep the weather in mind. Depending on the temperature and how formal the event is, a button down top or a nicer polo can be worn. Wearing lighter colors or rich blues can be trendy for the summertime.
● Pants: For guys, a nice pair of slacks is a good choice. Depending on the formality of the wedding, men can pick from khaki pants or dress slacks.

Overall, many of the outfits chosen depend on the formality of the event. When figuring out what to wear to a summer wedding, reaching out to someone in the bridal party who understands what the bride and groom are wanting is always helpful. As a rule, it is better to overdress rather than underdress for the occasion. For other useful wedding tips, check out our other blog posts.