2021 Summer Wedding Decoration Trends

Planning a Wedding this Season

Wedding Planning - 7/8/2021

Summer weddings are always a beautiful option for soon to be married couples and allow for a large variety of choices when it comes to choosing the decor. Whether the big day is in the beginning of June or the end of August, there is a decoration trend out there that every couple can use for their wedding.

At The Oklahoma Bridal Show, we wanted to take some of the stress of finding the best trends off your shoulders and offer four trendy decor themes for your summer wedding this year:

● Bright, bold, and colorful: One of the greatest things about summer is how vibrant life is, so why not incorporate that color into the wedding? Adding color into a wedding can be as simple as adding pops of orange and pink into centerpieces on tables. For even more color, some couples may pick to dress their bridesmaids and groomsmen in bolder, brighter colors.
● Beach chic: In the summer, destination weddings are a popular choice, and one of the most common types of destination weddings are beach venues. Play up that beach trend with natural, beachy decorations by adding shells to the aisle way or by having Spanish moss hanging from exposed wood on the ceiling. This decoration trend can be used for your beach wedding or at a traditional one as well to give it a beachier feel at home.
● Minimalist: Sometimes, less is more. Depending on the venue, having a lot of decorations can take away from the scenery. For example, if your wedding is at a vineyard, a lot of decorations won't be necessary as they would take away from the beautiful venue. Taking a minimalist approach can also potentially save you money.
● Angular arches: Looking for a simple way to have your wedding altar stand out? Right now, angular wedding arches are all the rage. These are a simple, sophisticated, and clean way to add uniqueness to your altar while still making it look timeless. It can also be spiced up by adding summer floral and greenery around it.

There are many kinds of wedding decoration trends to take advantage of this summer. Adding your personal touches to these trends and customizing them to fit your needs is the best way to incorporate them into your wedding. For questions or concerns, contact us.