Helpful Tips for Budgeting for a Destination Wedding

Making That Dream a Reality

Wedding Planning - 6/27/2021

While destination weddings may seem extremely expensive and out of reach for many, when planned properly, it can be possible to cut costs in different areas and make that dream a reality. At The Oklahoma Bridal Show, we understand that budgeting for a wedding can seem worrisome for many soon to be married couples as costs can quite literally come out of nowhere, and that's why we are here to help you effectively budget.

Here are four tips for how to properly budget for a destination wedding:
1. Cut small costs wherever you can: While the location of your wedding will probably be on pricier side, many couples choose cut costs in other sections. This can look different for every wedding. Some might choose to limit their floral arrangements while others might pick a simpler menu for food and drinks. This all depends on the couple and what they want personally out of the wedding.
2. Try an off season: A lot of destination wedding locations are going to have off seasons where tourism is much lower. If the location is non-negotiable but the price just isn't fitting in with the selected budget, try booking the venue during an off season. This ultimately comes down to supply and demand. In busy seasons, prices will be higher because the demand is higher, but in off seasons with a low demand comes a lower price. For example, off-season in Mexico would be around October and November (The weather is still warm!).
3. Bigger isn't always better: When budgeting for a destination wedding, most of the time the most practical and best decision is to have a smaller, more intimate wedding. Not only does the venue size and cost decrease but so do other costs related to the wedding such as food, decorations and more.
4. Make a must-have list: When planning, make a list of the things that are a must and the things that are not as important. When budgeting, allow for the must-haves to take priority and the things that are not as important can be marked down. This way, as a couple, you'll get everything you truly want while staying within your desired budget.

Budgeting for a destination wedding is usually a much larger task than a traditional one, but the basic concepts of it are pretty much the same. Doing proper research and planning in advance is essential, but your dream destination wedding is not out of reach as you might think. To start making your dreams a reality, contact The Oklahoma Bridal Show today.