Five Things to Consider When Planning a Summer Wedding

Things to Keep in Mind...

Wedding Planning - 6/14/2021

Many couples choose to host a summer wedding because of the colorful palettes, flexibility for ceremony times, beautiful florals and an abundance of options when it comes to choosing a honeymoon destination. However, there are also some important factors to consider when planning a wedding in the summertime. The Oklahoma Bridal Show breaks down the top five things to consider when planning a summer wedding.

Here are five things to keep in mind when planning a summer wedding:

1. Plan (far) in advance: Summer tends to be one of the most popular times of year for weddings. This makes it ideal to start planning very early to avoid conflict with booking venues or vendors. This might, however, force couples to be more flexible in the planning process.
2. Protect guests from the heat: Because the summer elements can sometimes be harsh, it is important to provide protection for guests. This includes fans, air-conditioned tents, sunscreen, bug spray and cold refreshments. A couple wouldn't want their family or friends to miss out on their special day because of the weather.
3. Dress accordingly: Brides and grooms want to feel confident on their big day; however, it is important to keep the location and weather in mind especially during the summer months. Brides can choose to wear lighter dresses while opting to change to a shorter, airy dress after the ceremony, where grooms can wear lighter fabrics with less layers to beat the heat.
4. Make sure the decor is appropriate: Nothing is worse than wilted flowers before the ceremony even starts. To avoid this, choose arrangements that can stand the intense heat and will stand tall throughout the entire event. Some of these include chrysanthemums, oriental lilies, roses in some varieties, or even succulents.
5. Prioritize sending out save-the-dates: Summer offers beautiful weather for weddings, yet also for family vacations far and wide. This makes sending out save-the-dates extremely important so that guests can plan ahead of time and attempt to plan their own personal vacations at a different date if possible.

The summer months are the busiest months for weddings for a reason! If you are in the process of planning your special day, register for our next bridal show and contact us to discover more.