Beautiful Flowers to Put in a Summer Wedding Bouquet

Our Summertime Flower Favorites

Wedding Planning - 5/27/2021

Many brides-to-be plan endlessly on what flowers they should choose to showcase all around their wedding venue and in their photos with friends and family. Finding the perfect flower arrangements for wedding bouquets does not need to be as difficult as it might seem. With so many seasonal options, sprucing up the bouquet and flower arrangements can be a breeze. At The Oklahoma Bridal Show, we understand the stress and excitement that can revolve around planning the wedding bouquet and are here to help.

Here are four beautiful flowers to add to any summer wedding bouquet:

1. Hydrangeas: These big, plush flowers add a cute southern charm to any bouquet. Being more traditional, they bring a touch of elegance to any piece while also are a cheaper option. Their larger size gives a lot of bang for your buck allowing for splurging on other flowers. They also come in an array of colors from pink to blue to fit any wedding theme.
2. Garden roses: Garden roses are a timeless and romantic flower to add to any wedding. With so many color options, the opportunities are endless. However, with these different options comes price variations as well.
3. Lilies: Lilies are an elegant flower that can match many kinds of bouquets. They can be kept simple and clean with all white or add some pops of color with orange, yellow, pink, or purple hues. These flowers can stand alone for an effortless, contemporary look or be paired with greenery and other flowers for a beautiful, mixed bouquet.
4. Sunflowers: When wanting a more fun statement flower that will bring a nice pop of color throughout the venue, opting for a sunflower is a nice choice. Whether your wedding is a farmhouse country style or more traditional, this flower will pair well in with flowers in any bouquet. Placing just one or two in the arrangement can add that color and fun without making it look too rustic.

Seasonal flowers are a cost effective and beautiful option for summer wedding bouquets. With so many flowers to choose from, the perfect combinations are bound to be found. For more help with the wedding planning process, register to attend our next bridal show.