Tasty Wedding Reception Snacks that Everyone Will Love

Quick & Easy, Go-To Snacks

Wedding Planning - 5/24/2021

When planning a wedding, the last thing that couples want to worry about is their guests being hungry at the reception. With so many types of people and an array of diets, the task to feed everyone might seem scarier than it should. In reality, finding the best snacks is a lot easier than it seems. At The Oklahoma Bridal Show, we understand this struggle and want to make planning every part of the wedding as simple as possible, especially when it comes down to the reception.

Here are four kinds of tasty snacks that everyone will enjoy at a wedding reception:

1. Go the southern route: Everyone from the South knows you can't go wrong with a good biscuit. Having mini biscuits at a reception gives an endless opportunity for variation. Keep it classic with mini chicken and biscuit sandwiches or spice things up with a chipotle dipping sauce.
2. Keep things simple: When dancing the night away and celebrating the bride and groom, guests might want a nice refreshing snack to re-energize. This is where a nice veggie platter can come in handy. Carrot sticks, broccoli, cauliflower, celery, and tomatoes paired with some blue cheese or ranch will satisfy the masses while also being tasty.
3. When in doubt go with skewers: Skewers are a fun and portable way to eat a snack and keep on dancing. They can be kept light by going with caprese, mozzarella balls, cherry tomatoes, and basil, or hearty with some grilled chicken and veggies. Pick just one or offer both to help appease everyone.
4. Try something sweet: Some guests might have a sweet tooth and an easy and fun way to satisfy those cravings is with donut holes. These are small and bite sized, making them the perfect snack for a reception. Mix things up a bit by offering different dipping sauces like chocolate, caramel, and strawberry to allow guests to customize them to their liking.

Having snacks at the reception is a great way to go. It allows for more variety of food at a cheaper cost, allowing for everyone to have something they enjoy eating. Don't let the stress of feeding everyone take away from the joy and fun of the reception. If you need more planning assistance, reach out to The Oklahoma Bridal Show today to learn about how you can meet a large number of vendors for your special day all in one place.