Five Creative Save-the-Date Ideas

Kick off the wedding planning process right!

Wedding Planning - 5/21/2021

Gaining widespread popularity in recent years, save-the-dates are a great way of announcing a wedding to friends and family. It can also be kept as a memento to be put around a guest's home such as on their office desk or hung on their fridge. But how does a couple choose what kind of save-the-date they should use to represent their love? The Oklahoma Bridal Show offers five creative save-the-date ideas to use for your special day.

Here are five creative save-the-date ideas for any wedding:

1. Flower seed packet: A great way to both share the date of a wedding and the love of the couple is to give guests flower seed packets. This way, guests can grow the flowers as the two grow as a married couple, and every time they look at the flowers, they will be reminded of their love once again.
2. Magnets: Magnets can easily be hung all around a home and are a very useful save-the-date option. Since save-the-dates are typically hung on the fridge as a reminder, a magnet will already do this job without needing anything else to hang it with.
3. Bookmark: If a couple wants to keep the traditional paper format of a save-the-date, they can make bookmarks. This is an affordable yet creative way to display their wedding date. Guests will be able to use a bookmark for everyday life especially if they are avid readers.
4. Newspaper articles: There is nothing better than a good love story. In a fake newspaper article template, the couple can write and include photos of their relationship from start to present day. This allows the guests to see their love on a more personal level before the wedding.
5. Handmade wax candles: Couples can personally pick out their favorite scents to create handmade wax candles for guests. These can have a label with the couple's name, date of wedding and a thoughtful quote to remember them by. Whether it is lavender or sandalwood, these wax candles can be enjoyed far after the wedding has ended.

Kick off the wedding planning process right with save-the-dates that fit your relationship to the fullest. When coming up with ideas for other aspects of your wedding, consider registering for our next bridal show to meet top vendors. Contact us to learn more.