Ultimate Guide for Writing Wedding Vows

Wedding Vows That Will Always Be Remembered...

Wedding Planning - 5/21/2021

A soon-to-be married couple might decide early that they want to write their own wedding vows, but when the time comes, the two might wonder, "What do I even write about?" During this time, writer's block kicks in and leaves both of their pages empty. To give some assistance, The Oklahoma Bridal Show offers some ideas that can be included in personal wedding vows to ensure you'll remember them forever.

Here is the ultimate guide for writing wedding vows:

1. Share personal stories: Including personal stories in vows allows for friends and family to see the realness of the couple and the memories they have experienced to get to where they are now. These stories really bring the love to life for guests and make the ceremony more intimate. Whether it is about a first date or favorite vacation together, stories are always a great way of bringing everyone together.
2. Fill with words that show personality: At many weddings, couples often just use generic vows that can be used with any relationship which decreases the uniqueness of the ceremony. When writing their own vows, a couple should focus on putting their personality into the words they write. For example, if the couple loves to sing together, they could include song lyrics in their vows, or if they are writers, they could use a poem to display their feelings. This allows guests to see the relationship on a deeper level rather than just hearing vows that they have heard at every other wedding they have attended.
3. Speak on a future together: After the wedding, a couple will spend tons of time together and create their own future. Incorporating future aspirations for each other in their vows gets both the bride and groom excited about being officially married and the life they get to live together.
4. End with heartfelt promises: The perfect way to end vows is with promises. With every couple, there are always certain promises that they make to each other so that the other person always feels safe and loved in the relationship. From promising to never give up on one another to promising to be their best friend through the good and the bad, there is always some kind of promise, elaborate or simple, that can be shared at the end.

Wedding vows deserve to be remembered for the entirety of the marriage. If you are beginning the wedding planning process, register for our next bridal show to meet top vendors for your special day. Contact us if you have any questions.