How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Color Palette

Colors that will always be remembered!

Wedding Planning - 4/26/2021

When looking at wedding photos years from now, color is one of the first things people will see and remember; therefore, choosing the perfect color palette that fits the couple is crucial. It might seem overwhelming to pick at first from the large number of shades of all different colors. There are many different ideas to consider when choosing what these specific colors should be. Don't stress! The Oklahoma Bridal Show shares tips on how to choose the perfect color palette for your wedding.

Here are four tips for picking a wedding color palette:

1. Tie the colors in with the venue and scenery: It is important to choose colors that fit in with the venue and scenery. Since the wedding will take place here, the colors will be either complimenting the space or clashing with it, so couples need to be mindful of this.
2. Include colors that fit with the current season: Many choose to match their wedding's color palette to the season the wedding is happening in. For example, spring weddings would have pastels like blush or dusty blue while a winter wedding would have darker tones like forest green or crimson.
3. Make sure the colors are practical: While a bride might want everything in one specific shade, it is also important to be practical about it since the couple will have to match everything with it. This means it might be easier to go with a shade that is more likely to be found when it comes to buying invitations, flowers, centerpieces, bridesmaid dresses and other parts of a wedding.
4. Get inspiration from other weddings: When all else fails, a bride can always count on Pinterest! Getting inspiration from other people's weddings is a great way of finding the perfect color palette to fit your idea of the perfect wedding for you.
Choosing a color palette plays a key role in preparing for other steps of the wedding planning process. Consider registering for our next bridal show to meet top wedding vendors and take planning to the next level. Contact us to learn more.