Top Spring Wedding Trends for 2021

What is trending this Spring?

Wedding Planning - 4/12/2021

Spring is in the air! Flowers are blooming, birds are chirping, and temperatures are rising. Many couples choose to match their spring wedding to the outdoor aesthetics around them like using pretty pastels or fresh greenery. The Oklahoma Bridal Show shares the top spring wedding trends that can be seen this year.

Here are four spring wedding trends that can be seen this season:

1. Bold bouquets: During this time of year, many love to incorporate bright bouquets with wildflowers. These arrangements use a wide variety of flowers of all colors and sizes from Sunflowers to Cosmos. These bouquets look gorgeous in wedding photos in contrast with the bright white attire.
2. Tents and fairy lights: Since many weddings are moving outdoors, the best way to beat the rays and provide cool environments for all of the guests is to use tents that block the sun. Fans can even be installed in the tents to ensure that everyone feels comfortable and enjoys their time to the fullest. Many choose to tie fairy lights to the top of the tent to make for beautiful nighttime scenery.
3. Hanging greenery: Another popular decoration is the use of hanging greenery. In the ceremony area, couples hang these beautiful greens above their guests. From Ruscus to Eucalyptus garland, there are plenty of ways to use this greenery to lighten up the space.
4. Micro-weddings: Because of the pandemic, many weddings are going micro. Although the name might seem like these weddings are not as extravagant as a normal wedding, the celebration of love is just the same but with a smaller guest list and more intimacy. This trend will even go beyond the springtime as it allows for a more personable experience usually at a lower cost.

What is your favorite spring wedding trend for this year? Want to include it in your own wedding? Before beginning the wedding planning process, register for our next bridal show. You'll get to meet and speak with the best wedding vendors in the state of Oklahoma. Contact us today for more information.