Pros and Cons of All-Inclusive Wedding Venues

Is it right for you?

Wedding Reception - 3/25/2021

All-inclusive wedding venues are exactly what they sound like: they include everything needed for a wedding from catering to photography services. How do these weddings compare to having a standard wedding venue when it comes to the planning process for brides-to-be? The Oklahoma Bridal Show offers pros and cons of using an all-inclusive wedding venue for your big day.

Here are the pros and cons of all-inclusive wedding venues:

1. It saves time: By having an all-inclusive wedding venue, couples will have more time to focus on things that are more important to them. This is a great option for couples who are not wanting to have to deal with planning a ceremony for many guests. The venue would choose vendors for different aspects of the wedding such as food, music and decorations.
2. Planning is less stressful: Without having to find and pick vendors, it takes a large amount of stress off of the couple worrying about making sure everything goes right. This lets them focus on themselves and their love more and enjoy their night as a newly married couple.
3. Couples are more likely to stick to their budget: By having a predetermined plan provided by the venue, couples are more likely to stick to that plan without adding any costly decisions. This is helpful when it comes to budgeting the wedding.

1. It has fewer personal touches: All-inclusive weddings are probably not for those who want to customize every aspect of their wedding to make it unique to them. Since the venue offers all of the same vendors to every client, these weddings tend to be more affordable but with less personal touches.
2. The vendors may not be the couple's preferred choices: Since the venue chooses the vendors beforehand, a couple may not like any of the vendors provided. Some couples end up loving the vendors offered; however, some wish they would have done the planning on their own.

Is an all-inclusive wedding venue right for you? If you are starting the wedding planning process, register for our next bridal show to get started by meeting our bridal experts and top vendors in their field.