Unique Centerpiece Ideas for Any Wedding

Telling Your Story Through Centerpieces

Wedding Planning - 3/22/2021

At first, it might be quite difficult for a couple to choose a centerpiece that goes with their theme and also represents their love for each other. As guests sit at their assigned tables, the centerpiece will be the first item that they will see which makes it important to choose something that they'll remember. The Oklahoma Bridal Show shares four unique centerpiece ideas that will leave a lasting impression on all of your guests.

Here are four unique centerpiece ideas for any wedding:

1.Shadow boxes: Using a shadow box as a centerpiece lets the couple showcase their mementos from dating to getting engaged. This is a creative way of displaying items that mean the most to them. This can be a movie stub all the way to written letters. This lets guests see the relationship from the start.
2.Lyric boards: Another idea is to use a frame with lyrics printed inside of it. This can be the couple's favorite song together or any song that has meaning within their relationship for a more personal touch. This can also be accompanied with fresh flowers.
3.Lanterns: Looking for something to add a rustic, farmhouse feel to the wedding? Lanterns are the perfect item to do this. Especially as the sun goes down, lanterns offer a beautiful, picturesque environment for everyone to enjoy. Some couples might even choose to release sky lanterns as a way of good luck.
4.Destination signs: Is the couple getting married a world traveler at heart? For this wedding, the centerpiece could be a frame which includes a particular destination that the couple has traveled to along with their picture from there. For example, one table could be Paris with a photo of them at the Eiffel Tower. This makes it easier for guests to find their table, but also gives a glimpse of the story behind the relationship.

Centerpieces have become an important aspect of every wedding since it allows couples to show their unique story in a creative way. Are you beginning to plan your wedding? Consider registering for our bridal show to meet the top bridal professionals in the state of Oklahoma.