3 Tips on How to Budget a Wedding

What To Do During the Budget Planning Process

Wedding Planning - 3/2/2021

As soon as a couple gets engaged, their minds race to all of the fun aspects of planning for their special day such as choosing the perfect venue or picking out matching attire for all of the parties. What many individuals fail to focus on is creating a budget and sticking to it throughout the wedding planning process. The Oklahoma Bridal Show offers three tips on how to properly budget your wedding to ensure that you are set up for success financially when it comes to getting ready for your big day.

Here are three budgeting tips for planning your wedding:

1.Determine who is responsible for paying what beforehand: Having any kind of conversation about finances is always tricky to begin with; however, it becomes even more awkward if nobody discusses it beforehand. Therefore, it is extremely important to talk between both families to see what each side is comfortable paying for.
2.Find simple ways to save money along the way: It is common knowledge that weddings can be extremely expensive, but with proper planning, couples can save ahead so that they are more financially stable when the big day finally comes. This can be through small money saving techniques such as staying in for date nights or devoting any extra cash that would be used elsewhere toward the wedding.
3.Decide what is most important: Some brides may want an extravagant destination while others might want a jaw-dropping gown, so depending on what they want personally will determine where they should distribute their money when it comes to budgeting. This is helpful to discuss during the planning phase because it helps couples save in areas that might not be as important to them and let them spend more in what they deem to be the most important for their special day.

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