Bridesmaids Gifts They'll Love

What to Get Your Bridesmaids

Wedding Planning - 2/23/2021

A wedding isn't just about celebrating a couple's love for each other. It's also about celebrating all the relationships with people who have been there for the couple. This is why bridesmaids are so special, and Oklahoma brides love to honor those relationships. That girl gang that stood by you through thick and thin deserves a special gift, and we've got some great ideas.

Here are some gifts for bridesmaids that they are sure to love:

1. Cocktail fizzers: Think bath bombs but for drinks! These little flavored sugar cubes drop into bubbly or spirits for an instant cocktail or into sodas and sparkling cider for a flavor boost.
2. Box gifts: Maybe not a box, per se, but some sort of container with goodies inside. We're talking a beach tote with sunglasses, towel and a sun hat, or a toiletry bag with bath bombs, face masks and all those home-spa goodies we all love.
3. Luxurious robe: Think silk, satin, lace, egyptian cotton...a luxurious robe will make the bridesmaids feel like royalty on the wedding day and beyond! They'll also make it more fun to get ready for the wedding and make those wedding prep photos look even more gorgeous.
4. Individualized gifts: Nothing says all bridesmaids have to get the same gift. If you met your MOH through a gardening club, gift her a new plant. The girl who lets you pour your heart out over a puzzle would love a personalized puzzle. Think about what makes each bridesmaid unique and make the gift reflect that.

Bridesmaids are such a special part of the wedding day. In many cases, they've been part of the bride's life longer than the groom. Taking the time to think about honoring that relationship will add an extra touch of love to the wedding day. Our OKBride wedding shows showcase wedding professionals throughout Oklahoma who can help you choose amazing gifts for bridesmaids. Register today for our next show!