Everything You Need to Know About Elopement

To elope or not?

Wedding Planning - 2/15/2021

Some brides-to-be want a luxurious ceremony filled with hundreds of people as their way of a perfect wedding day; however, others want just the opposite. From not wanting any additional stress of having to plan a ceremony to just simply not liking the idea of being put in the spotlight, some couples choose to elope. The Oklahoma Bridal Show shares four things you should know about eloping to get an idea if it is right for you and your significant other.

4 key things that are important to know about eloping are:

1.You can elope now and celebrate later: During the pandemic and unprecedented times, it is common for couples to elope and make things official, then plan a gathering later on when things are more certain. This way, even though family members won't be a part of the ceremony, they are still able to celebrate the newly married couple.
2.It is an alternate to traditional: Some brides-to-be just aren't looking forward to having to plan a traditional wedding ceremony or being in it. By eloping, this takes the pressure off of the couple and eliminates having to meet any expectations from previous traditions. It also allows the couple to do their own thing.
3.Eloping saves money: Without the need for a ceremony with tons of people, eloping is a way to save money for couples on a tight budget. Even for those who choose to have a small party to celebrate afterwards, they save by not having to put large amounts of money toward things such as expensive clothing pieces, a venue, catering and more.
4.It can be more intimate: Eloping is usually more intimate than a traditional wedding because the focus is entirely on the couple and not the ceremony around them. This allows for the couple to focus on each other more without any unplanned distractions.

To elope or not? Every couple is different and should remember that their special day is about them and what they want out of it. Whichever choice is right for you, you can register for our next show to meet the top professionals for any type of wedding celebration that you may want.