4 Tips for Planning a Wedding with a Long-Distance Fiance

Planning a Wedding with a Long-Distance Fiance

Wedding Planning - 2/4/2021

Wedding planning for any couple can be stressful at times but especially for those in long-distance relationships. As if living away from each other wasn't hard enough, these couples now have to plan their dream wedding apart. The Oklahoma Bridal Show offers four tips for long-distance couples planning a wedding.

Here are four helpful tips to have a successful wedding-planning process:

1. Communication is key: Like with any other area of one's life, communication is extremely important. This includes talking about all of the expectations of the wedding and what you both want out of it. It is probably also helpful to make sure both families are on the same page and agree to some of the wedding arrangements since the couple is currently living in different cities.
2. Split the tasks: From hiring different vendors to sending out invitations, wedding planning has a ton of tasks that should be split up between the couple. This ensures that the process can go more smoothly and that all of the stress isn't put on one person.
3. Have a destination wedding: One issue that typically arises with long-distance couples is where the wedding should take place. Instead of fighting about which hometown it should be located in, many choose a destination wedding as a compromise. This lets the couple look forward to a fun getaway while also providing a solution when it comes to picking a spot.
4. Hire a wedding planner: Communicating from afar when planning a wedding can be difficult. It might be helpful to hire a wedding planner to reduce the stress and to focus on some of the things that are more important to the couple.

Every couple deserves their idea of a perfect wedding no matter the distance. About to start the wedding planning process? Register for our next show and meet the top wedding professionals in Oklahoma to create the wedding of your dreams.