Ways to Adjust Your Wedding for No Bridal Party

No Bridal Party Wedding!

Wedding Reception - 1/22/2021

Instead of following standard wedding traditions, more and more couples are choosing to celebrate their love in their own unique ways. This includes not having a bridal party during their ceremony. Some couples do this because they don't want to have to pick between friends, others to save money, and many just to stray away from traditions that don't fit their personalities.

Here are four ways to adjust and plan a no bridal party wedding:

1. Try a maid of honor alternative: Many brides don't want to have a maid of honor just because they can't choose between all of their friends. One way to solve this is by giving the maid of honor's duties to the bride's mother, sister, or another family member. This way, it is an easy pick and friends won't get jealous or upset. It also lets brides incorporate their families into their special day.
2. Get ready with friends: Not having bridesmaids doesn't mean a bride still can't make her friends feel special. Many choose to get ready together and make special memories leading up to the ceremony. With this, friends don't have to worry about wearing specific dresses or have any kind of wedding responsibilities, they can just focus on celebrating their friend.
3. Let the officiant hold the rings: Since there is no bridal party, have the officiant hold the rings. The officiant having the rings also takes some of the stress off of the couple worrying about someone possibly losing the rings.
4. Have a family member hold the bouquet: If a bride doesn't have a maid of honor or bridesmaids, the task of holding her bouquet can be delegated to a family member sitting in the front row.

Every couple can decide to follow traditions or not. They should have their dream wedding, one that they will cherish for years to come. To meet our top wedding professionals, register for our next show and start preparing for your special day.