Unique Ways to Announce Your Engagement

Ways to Announce Your Engagement

Wedding Planning - 1/15/2021

The holiday season is filled with proposals, weddings, and other celebrations of love. When a couple gets engaged, the first thing they want to do is tell the whole world, but what is the perfect way to do that? The Oklahoma Bridal Show shares four unique ways for couples to announce their engagement to loved ones.

Here are four unique ways to announce an engagement:

1. Share the love story with a slideshow: People love hearing a good love story. Engaged couples can create a slideshow or video of the progression of their relationship for their friends and family. This gives their announcement a more personal touch and allows them to share any photos leading up to the proposal itself.
2. Host a virtual party: Zoom and other video call services have been at the center of many lives recently and have allowed people to connect with each other even during the pandemic. With these platforms, individuals can host a virtual party and send out mini champagne bottles so that their loved ones can toast to them as a newly engaged couple.
3. Design a website: Some choose to make a website for their wedding to include an online space for RSVPs, directions to the venue, and gift registries, and they can start the website development process by announcing their engagement on it. This way, all of their friends and family can see the announcement while also being able to accept their wedding invitation on the same website later on.
4. Let pets say it: Many people are animal lovers and when it comes to taking photos of their furry friends, they take every chance they get. For this announcement, the pet can wear a sign that says, "My humans are getting married!" This adds a cute touch and also includes their animals in the engagement process too.

Every couple is unique and deserves their own special announcement to celebrate their love. If you are starting the wedding planning process, register for our next show to meet the top wedding professionals in Oklahoma and start preparing for your special day.