Things a Bride Should NOT Do on Her Wedding Day

Do not do these things on your wedding day!

Wedding Ceremony - 1/12/2021

It certainly feels like there are many things a bride needs to do on her wedding day to get ready. There are some things, however, that a bride shouldn't do on her wedding day in order to have a great wedding day.

Here are some don'ts for the wedding day:

Don't try new skincare products: The day of the wedding is not the day to try a new face cream, makeup, or any other skincare products. The last thing a bride needs is a face full of rashes because they reacted adversely to a new product.
Don't keep your phone: Trust us, give the phone to a trusted friend. Being on your phone on the wedding day is an unnecessary distraction that could cause undue stress. Put the phone away and be present to enjoy every moment of your special day.
Stay away from stain culprits: it's best to avoid that red wine, coffee, red sauce, basically anything that could get tricky if it spills on the wedding gown. It's not worth the headache. Enjoy all the red wine and coffee after the festivities are over.
Don't wear new shoes: Brides should break in all wedding shoes before the day, to avoid the pain and potential blisters that new shoes can cause.
Don't skip eating: Sometimes the excitement and nerves of the wedding day make brides not hungry or even forget to eat. This is a no-no. Brides need to keep their energy up during the wedding day so eating is crucial to have an enjoyable day.
Don't stress: This is easier said than done! Anything that can cause a bride stress should be avoided at all costs. Just breathe and everything will work out and the day will be perfect!

Oklahoma Bridal Show wants all brides to enjoy their special day. Stay away from these things to ensure the day is as pleasurable as possible. Register to join us at our next show to meet the most trusted wedding professionals in Oklahoma.