Save the Dates: Yes or No?

Save the Date

Wedding Planning - 1/11/2021

Yay! You're getting married! Nobody can be as excited as you are, but we're a close second. We know how much couples want to tell everyone and make sure all their loved ones will be there on that special day when they say "I do." Time for those save the dates?

Here are a few things to consider about save the date cards for a wedding:

1. Claim the date: Once the date is booked, a save the date card will help spread the joy to those who the couple wants present on their special day. People will get excited along with them and look forward to the big day.
2. People can plan ahead: With the current climate and people having different levels of comfort with travel and gatherings, a save the date card can help people plan or let the couple know if they're able to attend early on in the process so they can plan accordingly.
3. Possible added cost: Mailing out save the date cards can add a bit of additional cost to a wedding budget, but it is a chance to set the tone for the wedding. Who doesn't want to get something apart from bills in the mail?
4. Go digital: Mailing out cards may not be right for every wedding. Sending a digital save-the-date can make it easy to let people know the details while letting the couple put those funds toward something that will make a bigger impact on the wedding day.

The truth is that the decision to send save the dates, as well as every other wedding decision is up to each couple. Our Oklahoma Bridal Show will give couples a chance to work with top-notch Oklahoma wedding professionals to help them with all these details and much more. Join us at our next show!