Pros and Cons of a Seating Chart

Seating Chart

Wedding Reception - 12/10/2020

To chart or not to chart, that is the question.....Seating chart that is! Seating charts can be a real pain. Figuring out who to sit where to make everyone happy with their seat can be a challenge. There is no right or wrong answer. Every couple needs to decide whether or not they want to have a seating chart.

Let's breakdown the pros and cons of a seating chart:

Pros: All the guests have a seat because, well...they have been assigned one. Assigning seats also make it quicker and easier to get everyone seated since they know exactly where they will be sitting. A seating chart reduces the chaos that could arise as guests scrabble to grab the best seat. Sometimes couples assign seats to their guests because of all the fun options for creatively assigning seats. Some of these options can also double up as personalized favors for guests.
Cons: The number one reason couples shy away from seating charts is the hassle. It can be a somewhat tedious process because the couple has to move people around like chess pieces to try to make everyone happy, which in all likelihood is impossible. Not every guest is going to like where they have been seated. Sometimes inadvertently, feuding friends or family might be put at the same table causing an awkward situation to say the least.

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