Four Tips for Choosing a Wedding Photographer

Choosing a Wedding Photographer

Wedding Planning - 12/4/2020

A photographer is an important part of the wedding. While many brides might get sticker shock at some prices, think about it: a wedding photographer is the person who will be capturing the day. You want quality and you want a thorough job. It's more than someone taking a family portrait. Wedding photos are some of the most important photos in a family's history.

Things brides should consider when choosing a wedding photographer:

1. What's included? Don't go by package price alone. Many wedding photographers include an engagement shoot and a bridal portrait session to get to know the couple's preferences before the big day. Some may include an assistant, or all photos included digitally, or even an allotment for printed photos. See what different packages offer, and how much the must-have extras will cost.
2. What's their style? Like any artist, photographers each have a unique style. Some are more moody and romantic, some are more bright and airy. Some like formal shots while others lean more on the side of capturing the moments that are happening. Part of the style will also include their personality. You'll be spending a big part of the wedding day with this person. Make sure it's someone you want to be around.
3. Are they available? Good wedding photographers in Oklahoma book quickly. If the wedding is at a popular time, booking a photographer is probably one of the first things to do when planning a wedding.
4. Do they know the venue? Some churches only allow photographers in certain areas, some venues have a hidden spot that's perfect for sunset photos so it's always good to have a photographer who is familiar with the ins and outs of the venues. It's worth asking the photographers if they're experienced with the specific venue. It's also a good idea to ask the venue for recommendations.

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