Questions to Ask When Touring Wedding Venues

Touring Wedding Venues

Wedding Planning - 11/13/2020

Other than saying yes to the dress, booking a wedding venue is the one thing that makes the wedding planning feel real. Oklahoma has so many amazing wedding venues, but no matter what type of venue it is, it's important to ask some essential questions when touring.

Here are a few questions to ask:

1. Will the basics work? Before falling in love with a venue, a couple should make sure the date they want is available, the place can accommodate enough guests, there are contingency plans for outdoor events, and anything else they need for the wedding will pan out.
2. What is included in the price? Not all venues have the same packages. Couples should make sure they know exactly what they're getting. Is there a setup/breakdown time? Do they provide staff? Do they provide tables, chairs, linens, etc.? Do they have a liquor license or any other licensing that might be needed?
3. Will other events be taking place on the same day/time? Many venues, even when they look like they can only host one event at a time, (think: historic homes) are actually able to host multiple events. This isn't necessarily a dealbreaker, but it's good to know so that guests can be properly informed of where to go.
4. What happens if the venue or the couple needs to cancel? This one hurts to talk about because we love our vendors and our brides. Still, sometimes the couple decides to cancel or the venue goes out of business, and then what happens? Make sure there are clear policies in place for what happens if either the couple or the venue cancels an event.

Touring venues are so much fun, and it's even more fun when couples are prepared. Oklahoma Bridal Show has a great network of venues. Check them out and register for our next event!