Wedding Reception Menu Styles

Reception Menu

Wedding Reception - 10/30/2020

This year has definitely changed how we look at weddings! Honestly, though, the definition of what a wedding is has been changing for quite a while. It used to be very predictable: church ceremony followed by a sit-down dinner, bouquet toss, cake, and dancing. Not so much anymore. Today's brides are choosing to plan weddings that suit their budget and lifestyles. One of the biggest ways couples are personalizing their weddings is through the menu.

Here are some options for meals at weddings:

1. Cocktails and appetizers: Many couples are planning simple cocktails and heavy appetizers for their receptions. This type of menu allows for everyone to mingle and visit instead of being stuck at tables for a full meal.
2. Brunch: Instead of an evening affair, many couples are choosing a more casual, family-friendly brunch for their menus. It was good for Kate and William, so why not you?
3. Buffets: Buffets are a great way for couples to make sure their guests have a good meal without making it too fussy. It gives guests a variety of options and allows for a more free-flowing reception. With the pandemic, however, many caterers are not currently offering this option.
4. Served meals: This is probably the most formal option, where the couple chooses a sit-down meal. We've all seen the stereotypical RSVP cards where guests mark 'chicken or beef' for dinner, right? But it doesn't have to be a stuffy, cold affair. Good caterers are amazing at helping couples create their dream wedding menus.
5. Unique touches: This is where couples really let loose with customizing their wedding day. They choose something that is unique to them as their menu option. Think of ice cream sundae bars, paella, low country boil, sweet & savory popcorn bar...the options are endless!

A wedding menu can be anything the couple wants it to be. From simple to extravagant, traditional to unconventional. Check out the OK bride vendors to find the right Oklahoma caterer to create the perfect menu for your wedding day!