Conversations Every Couple should have before Marriage

Talks a Couple Needs to Have Before Marriage

Wedding Planning - 10/20/2020

When planning to get married, there are certain conversations that every couple should have to ensure that both people are on the same page before moving forward with such a huge commitment. These topics, if not discussed could negatively impact the marriage later on.

Here are the top four conversations that couples should have before getting married:

1. Kids: The discussion on whether or not you want kids in the future is a crucial one. In many relationships, this topic may act as a dealbreaker. Therefore, to relieve any marital problems in the future, it is important to consider what each individual wants.
2. Money: Money is typically a hard topic to talk about with a significant other, however, it's essential as it is one of the top reasons why marriages end in divorce. When married, both spouses usually bring their money together, so it is a good idea to talk about each other's financial situations and any problems beforehand.
3. Religion or moral values: Religion plays a large role in many relationships. It is vital to talk about faith and any factors that might influence the relationship. There are also many different moral values that couples should discuss. Considering these values allows couples to better prepare for any conflicts in the future.
4. Career goals or preferred lifestyle: Everyone has different lifestyles. Individuals may not know the entirety of their significant other's chosen lifestyle or goals until after marriage, so it is important to have this conversation before marriage, to make sure both people are in agreement and can encourage each other.

These conversations are critical in promoting the success and longevity of a marriage. If you are currently planning your wedding, sign-up and attend one of our shows to start preparing for your dream day.