Five Ways to Cut Wedding Costs

Cutting Wedding Cost

Wedding Planning - 10/13/2020

Weddings are known to carry a hefty price tag. There are costs for tangible items such as a wedding dress, decorations, invitations, and party favors. Not to mention, there are also costs associated with hiring different businesses for the big day including venues, caterers, photographers, and florists. Weddings are special, once-in-a-lifetime events, so many couples tend to go all out for their dream wedding; however, it is still possible to save some money throughout the process.

Here are five ways to cut wedding costs:

1. Pick an off-peak wedding date: Most couples have their weddings in the summer and early fall. To reduce costs, choose a date that is off-season, think winter or early spring instead. Also, choosing a weekday can help to save money. Most wedding vendors offer a discounted price for off-peak and weekday events.
2. One venue: Keeping the ceremony and reception in the same location is a sure way to save money. Transportation costs will be reduced and guests will appreciate the convenience.
3. In season: Flowers and food can definitely break the bank. Choose flowers and food that are in season and you will be sure to reduce costs and get items that are fresh.
4. Alcohol options: Reducing alcohol options can help to lessen the drink costs. For example, in place of a full bar, offer only beer and wine, and maybe a fun signature cocktail.
5. Music: Another way to save money is to hire a DJ instead of a costly live band. DJ's can make or break the wedding so be sure to choose a reputable DJ that keeps the wedding lively and fun.

Overall, there are many different ways to cut the costs of a wedding. At the Oklahoma Bridal Show, we know the importance of staying within a budget when planning for a wedding. Sign-up and attend one of our shows to start preparing for your dream day.